Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari& Marine Park

Bali Safari Park is your destination for an adventures fun, educational experience. This is the home of more than 1,000 animals representing over 140 species including the rare and endangered Komodo dragon, Orangutan, the Bali Starling and many more.
Hop in on a Tram or 4×4 Jeep to embark on a safari adventure or ride on an elephant’s back and interact with your favorite animals. Watch the Famous Bali Agung Show and learn about conservation and protection of endangered species, feed a majestic giraffe or cute meerkats and create unforgettable memories with your family or friends. Refresh and splash around after a hot day at the Water Park.
Affordable Safari Package with (Authentic indian food available) and daily Tiger shows.
In Night Safari, you will experience zebras, elephants, and giraffes interact with each other in the dark as well as watching the king of the jungle and fierce tigers roaming free and appraching you as they please, your evening is guaranteed to be packed with exciting moments!
Other packages include the See Fire Show, enjoy a BBQ dinne, with aquarium access and unique shows included, you will experience a true natural wildlife encounter. The Breakfast with the Lions ticket lets you experience a close encounter with wildlife to start your day. Enjoy the Aunthentic India Cuisine lunch at Uma.