Switzerland has 7000 lakes

One thing is for sure–you won’t get tired of lake-hopping in Switzerland. It has about 7000 lakes and Lake Geneva is the largest of all with an area of 580 km2.

Why Switzerland

Switzerland has been the first tourist destination in the world. In the 19th century, the breathtaking beauty of its mountains attracted numerous travellers to the country. Swiss people have perfectly learned how to take care of their guests.
When it comes to tourism, Swiss organisation is often considered the best one in the world. All the services are state of the art, from road and railway networks to museums and art galleries.
Above all, the art of hospitality has a long tradition in Switzerland, from one to five stars. No surprise then if people who want to learn how to skilfully run a hotel come to Switzerland to study and practice.
The country’s magnificent historic hotels, the beautifully renovated Belle Époque palaces, and the brand-new properties with world-class spas all tell a story of efficiency, cleanness, courtesy, and care for the guests. Increasingly, guests discover vacation homes, B&Bs, and guest houses as family-friendly alternatives to hotel accommodations.

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