Gasthaus Albisgütli

Gasthaus Albisgütli

Located at the foot of the Uetliberg, Gasthaus Albisgütli attracts guests with its cozy atmosphere, beautiful view over the city and classic Swiss dishes for up to 1200 guests.

Gasthaus Albisgütli is a historic restaurant located in Zurich, Switzerland. It is known for its traditional Swiss cuisine, charming ambiance, and its historical significance as a meeting place for various events and celebrations. Please note that there might have been changes or developments since then, so I recommend checking more recent sources for the latest information.

Here are some special points about Gasthaus Albisgütli:

  1. Historical Significance: Gasthaus Albisgütli has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. It has served as a gathering place for various social and cultural events, making it an important part of Zurich’s heritage.

  2. Swiss Cuisine: The restaurant is known for serving authentic Swiss cuisine, offering dishes such as fondue, raclette, rosti, and other traditional Swiss specialties. Visitors often enjoy experiencing the flavors of Swiss culinary traditions.

  3. Event Venue: Gasthaus Albisgütli has been used as an event venue for weddings, corporate gatherings, and other celebrations. Its rustic and charming atmosphere makes it a popular choice for those seeking a traditional Swiss setting for their special occasions.

  4. Scenic Location: The restaurant is situated in a picturesque location at the foot of the Zurichberg mountain. This location provides a serene and beautiful backdrop for visitors enjoying their meals.