Located at the northern end of Japan, Hokkaido is an island blessed with cool and comfortable summer climate but heavy snowfall in winter. It is place outdoor enthusiasts feel compelled to visit because of its beautiful natural landscapes. In winter, ski resorts attract ski lovers form all over the world with their splendid powder snow. There are many restaurants in cities such as Sapporo and Hakodate where you can enjoy food and sweets made with abundant, fresh ingredients that can only be found here.


Important places


The site for the Snow Festival every February, Sapporo is also a center for sightseeing in Hokkaido and home to many large hotels and restaurants. There are a number of izakaya (Japanese-style pubs), and restaurants such as Genghis khan (Mongolian mutton barbecue), and ramen(Chinese noodles in a broth) in Susukino, Sapporo’s entertainment district.


A city served by the Hokkaido Shinkansen Line that opened for business in March 2016, Hakodate is renowned for the beautiful night views that can be seen from the top of Mt. Hakodate. You can enjoy fresh seafood and other local delicasies together with picturesque sights peculiar to this port city.


The view of rainbow-like, colorful in full glory found in Furano City is a symbol of summer in Hokkaido. This view is one of the major reasons to visit the island in the summertime.


Located about three hours away from Sapporo by bus, Niseko is Known for its powder snow. The ski slopes delight skiers from all over the world.


Located to the northwest of Sapporo, Otaru is a city of canals where old warehouses stand side by side. You can savor fresh seafood and sushi to your heart’s content is a city renowned for its glasswork.

Floating Ice in the Sea of Okhotsk

Floating Ice in the Sea of Ao-i-Ike (Blue color pond) Okhotsk

The concrete Arch Bridge of the Shihoro Line

Brige of the shihoro line

Ao-i-lke(Blue color pond)