Islands in the Seto Inland Sea

Islands in the Seto Inland Sea

The Seto Inland Sea is surrounded by the major Japanese island of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. There are a large number of smaller islands in this inland sea that vary in size, such as Shodoshima Island, Naoshima Island, and Ohmishima Island, and each has its own distinct attractions and atmosphere. These islands can be reached from Kansai, Chugoku, and Shikoku by ship or by bus.

The Seto Inland Sea is a beautiful and unique region in Japan, known for its numerous islands, each with its own distinct charm and attractions. Here are some special points about the islands in the Seto Inland Sea and how to reach them:

  1. Naoshima Island: Naoshima is often referred to as the “Art Island” due to its impressive contemporary art installations and museums. It’s a haven for art enthusiasts and offers a blend of modern art and traditional Japanese architecture. To reach Naoshima, take a ferry from Uno Port in Okayama Prefecture. Uno Port is easily accessible by train from major cities like Osaka and Kyoto.

  2. Miyajima Island: Officially known as Itsukushima, Miyajima is famous for its iconic “floating” torii gate, which appears to be floating on the water during high tide. The island is also home to the Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get to Miyajima, take a short ferry ride from Hiroshima City to Miyajimaguchi, and then transfer to a ferry bound for the island.

  3. Shodoshima Island: Shodoshima is the second-largest island in the Seto Inland Sea and is renowned for its olive groves. It’s often called the “Olive Island” and offers scenic views, beautiful beaches, and traditional soy sauce production. You can reach Shodoshima by ferry from various ports, including Takamatsu in Kagawa Prefecture.

  4. Teshima Island: Teshima is another art lover’s paradise, featuring unique art installations and museums integrated into the island’s natural landscapes. The Teshima Art Museum, in particular, is a standout attraction. To reach Teshima, take a ferry from Uno Port in Okayama Prefecture or from Tonosho Port on Shodoshima.

  5. Megijima Island: Megijima is a small island with a distinctive demon folklore. The island features walking trails, caves, and scenic viewpoints. You can access Megijima by taking a ferry from Takamatsu or Shodoshima.

  6. Ogijima Island: Ogijima is a picturesque island known for its traditional architecture and friendly atmosphere. It offers hiking opportunities and stunning views of the Seto Inland Sea. To reach Ogijima, take a ferry from Takamatsu.

It’s worth noting that the Seto Inland Sea has a well-connected ferry network, making island hopping relatively easy and convenient. The region is also accessible by train and bus from major cities like Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Takamatsu. However, ferry schedules may vary, so it’s advisable to check the current timings and plan your trip accordingly. Enjoy your island adventure in the Seto Inland Sea!