Jet d’Eau

Jet d’Eau

The world-famous Jet d’Eau is a water jet which shoots out water 140 m high and at a speed of 200 kmph. It can be viewed from the Geneva Harbour or even reached for an up-close experience via a stone jetty from the lake’s left bank

Jet d’Eau is a prominent symbol of Geneva, Switzerland, and a stunning fountain that draws visitors from all over the world. Here are some special points about Jet d’Eau and how to reach there:

  1. Impressive Height: Jet d’Eau is known for its impressive water column that reaches a height of approximately 140 meters (459 feet). The fountain’s powerful plume of water is a captivating sight against the backdrop of Lake Geneva and the surrounding landscape.

  2. Historical Origins: The fountain has a history dating back to the late 19th century. Originally, it was created as a safety valve for a hydraulic power network on Lake Geneva. Over time, it evolved into an iconic attraction.

  3. Night Illumination: Jet d’Eau is beautifully illuminated at night, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that reflects on the lake’s surface. The illuminated fountain is a must-see sight, offering a different perspective after sunset.

  4. Lake Geneva Setting: The fountain is located at the point where Lake Geneva’s water is expelled into the air, creating a spectacular visual effect that is visible from various points along the lakeshore.

How to Reach Jet d’Eau:

By Foot: If you’re in Geneva’s city center, Jet d’Eau is often within walking distance. Strolling along the lakeshore offers a pleasant approach to the fountain.

By Tram: Geneva’s efficient tram network includes lines that pass by Jet d’Eau. Tram lines 2 and 6 have stops near the fountain.

By Boat: Lake Geneva boat cruises provide a unique perspective of Jet d’Eau. You can take a boat ride on the lake to enjoy views of the fountain from the water.

By Bus: Several bus lines also serve the area around Jet d’Eau. Check local transit maps for specific routes and stops.

By Air: If you’re arriving from abroad, Geneva Airport is the nearest major airport. From there, you can take public transportation or a taxi to reach Jet d’Eau.

By Guided Tours: Some guided city tours include Jet d’Eau as a stop, providing insights into its history and significance.

Jet d’Eau is a captivating landmark that captures the essence of Geneva’s beauty and charm. Whether you’re visiting during the day or admiring its illuminated display at night, the fountain is a must-see attraction that offers a memorable experience in the heart of the city.