Schilthorn – Piz Gloria

Schilthorn – Piz Gloria

Schilthorn (2970 m above sea level) provides a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding region. The James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was filmed on the mountain and is honoured through the “Bond World” and “007 Walk of Fame” exhibits. The revolving restaurant Piz Gloria serves the famous “James Bond Brunch” and “007 Burger”.

Schilthorn – Piz Gloria is an iconic mountain peak in Switzerland that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding Swiss Alps. Here are some special points about Schilthorn – Piz Gloria and how to reach there:

  1. Spectacular Views: Schilthorn offers 360-degree views of some of the most famous peaks in the Alps, including Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. The vistas are a paradise for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

  2. Piz Gloria Revolving Restaurant: The Piz Gloria restaurant atop Schilthorn is famous for its unique feature – it revolves, providing diners with ever-changing vistas as they enjoy Swiss cuisine.

  3. James Bond Connection: Piz Gloria gained international fame as a filming location for the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Bond fans can relive the movie magic and enjoy the Bond World 007 exhibition.

  4. Cable Car Journey: The journey to Schilthorn involves a series of cable cars that offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The cable car ride itself is an adventure.

  5. Skyline Walk: The Skyline Walk is a thrilling platform that extends from the mountain, providing an exhilarating perspective of the sheer drop below.

  6. Hiking Trails: Schilthorn offers hiking trails suitable for various skill levels, allowing visitors to explore the alpine beauty on foot.

How to Reach Schilthorn – Piz Gloria:

  • Address: Schilthorn – Piz Gloria is located in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. You can find the exact address and details on maps or from local sources.

  • By Public Transport: From Interlaken, take a train to Lauterbrunnen and then continue to Stechelberg. From Stechelberg, you’ll take a series of cable cars to reach Schilthorn.

  • By Car: If you’re driving, you can reach Stechelberg by following road signs. Parking facilities might be available near the cable car station.

  • Cable Car: The cable car journey involves a sequence of cable cars, including the Schilthornbahn, to reach the summit.

  • Local Information: Gather information from local tourist centers, hotels, or online sources for directions and cable car schedules.

  • Opening Hours: Check the official website for up-to-date information on opening hours, cable car schedules, and activities.

Schilthorn – Piz Gloria offers a memorable alpine experience that combines stunning views, culinary delights, and a touch of movie magic. Whether you’re a James Bond enthusiast or simply seeking to immerse yourself in the Swiss Alps’ natural beauty, a visit to Schilthorn promises an unforgettable journey to the top of Switzerland.