Seasons in Japan


Japan Spring Season

During spring, lovely pink flowers, such as plum, peach, and cherry blossoms, bloom and mesmerize people with their beauty. Cherry blossoms, which are considered one of the flowers that is most symbolic of Japan, are usually in full bloom from late March to the first week of April in urban areas such as Tokyo and Kyoto.  When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, many towns hold Cherry Blossom Festivals to celebrate their fleeting beauty. This season is always lively and enjoyable to experience.


Summer in Japan is famous for traditional summer festivals, beer festivals & fireworks. Summer is good season to visit Furano area in Hokkaido region for vast lavender fields having average temperature approx. 25 degrees.


The temperature become cooler and more comfortable from October onwards. With the comfortable temperature and skies being clear, many outdoor events take place during this season.
From October to late November, you can revel in the beauty of autumn leaves, as maple trees and other deciduous trees change their colour from lush green to fiery red and golden yellow. The leaves start turning colours in the northern regions and then gradually move south.


During winter in Japan, the air becomes dry and there are usually a lot of sunny days. However, the snow piles up in the North, in mountainous areas, and on the Japan Sea Coast. The large amounts of snow that fall each year makes conditions for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. Winter festivals, such as the Sapporo Snow Festival held in Hokkaido, are a must see.