A region consisting of six prefectures that occupy the northernmost part of Honshu Island (Aomori, Akita, Iwate,Yamagata, Miyagi, and Fukushima). The Shirakami Sanchi Mountains that span Aomori and Akita Prefectures have been registered as a UNESCO world natural heritage site while Hiraizumi, a town in Iwate Prefecture, is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. There are many historic sites and places of scenic beauty in Tohoku, a region blessed with magnificent nature. There are also many hot spring areas as well. The colors, smells, and medicinal benefits of hot spring water vary by hot spring area because the minerals in the water are different. The distinctive local dishes unique to each community are an additional attraction Tohoku has to offer.


Important places


The area around Hirosaki Castle is widely known for its beautiful cherry blossoms. More than 2500 cherry tress come together to form a tunnel of flowers. Some of the most famous vistas are the views of moats covered in cherry petals.


Many old samurai houses remain in Kakunodate, a castle town in Akita Prefecture. It is known as a little Kyoto because its streets and atmosphere resembles those of Kyoto. Many tourists visit during the cherry viewing season to see the beautiful blossoms that elegantly color the samurai houses.


A picturesque bay in Miyagi Prefecture that contains 260 islets of various sizes. Matsushima is considered one of the three most scenic spots in Japan.

Tsurugajo Castle

Built in 1384, Tsurugajo Castle is renowned for being impregnable,withstanding attacks for one month during the civil war of 1868. The red roof tiles and a pair of splendid silver shachihoko(fish decorations set on the top of the castle roof) are the distinguishing features of this castle, which was reconstructed in 1965. Facilities such as a tea house and a Japanese landscape garden are located around the castle.

Chusonji Temple

The symbol of Hiraizumi, Chusonji Temple is a registered UNESCO world cultural heritage site in Iwate Prefecture. The temple is a registered UNESCO world cultural heritage site in Iwate Prefecture. The temple is famous for Konjikido(Golden Hall), a building entirely covered with a dazzling gold leaf where the three generations of the Fujiwara family, the clan which once ruled this area, are enshrined.

Lake Towada

Lake Towada

Ginzan Hot Springs

Ginzan Hot Springs