A popular hot spring area that sprawls at the foot of beautiful Mt. Yufu-dake, which local people call Bungo Fuji( Mt. Fuji of the Bungo area).Yufuin boasts the second largest supply of hot spring water in Japan. From fall to winter, Yufuin offers fantastic views of mountains enshrouded in morning mist.

Yufuin is a charming and picturesque hot spring town located in Oita Prefecture, Japan. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists seeking relaxation and natural beauty. Here are some special points about Yufuin and how to reach there:

  1. Scenic Beauty: Yufuin is nestled in a tranquil valley surrounded by mountains, offering breathtaking views of the countryside. The town’s natural beauty is especially stunning during the cherry blossom and autumn foliage seasons.

  2. Onsen (Hot Springs): Yufuin is renowned for its onsen, or hot springs. There are numerous ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) and public baths where visitors can experience the therapeutic and relaxing effects of the hot springs.

  3. Yufuin Floral Village: This is a shopping area filled with quaint boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Visitors can explore the local arts and crafts, sample regional delicacies, and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

  4. Lake Kinrin: Located in the center of the town, Lake Kinrin is a small, picturesque lake that is often shrouded in mist. It is a lovely spot for a leisurely stroll.

  5. Mount Yufu: The imposing twin-peaked Mount Yufu is an iconic symbol of Yufuin. While it’s a challenging hike, adventurous travelers can trek up to the peak for stunning panoramic views.

  6. Yufuin no Mori: This is a scenic train service operated by JR Kyushu, which connects Beppu and Yufuin. The train features large windows to enjoy the beautiful countryside views during the journey.

How to Reach Yufuin:

  1. By Train: The most convenient way to reach Yufuin is by train. You can take a shinkansen (bullet train) from major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, or Fukuoka to Oita City. From Oita City, transfer to the JR Kyudai Main Line and take the Yufuin-bound train to Yufuin Station.

  2. By Air: If you’re coming from abroad or other distant parts of Japan, you can fly to Oita Airport (also known as Oita Airport Kunisaki) and then take a bus or train to Yufuin. Oita Airport has domestic flights from major Japanese cities.

  3. By Bus: Yufuin is well-connected by bus services from nearby cities like Beppu and Oita. Several bus companies operate routes to Yufuin, providing a cost-effective and comfortable option for travel.

Once you arrive at Yufuin Station or the designated bus drop-off point, you can easily explore the town on foot or rent a bicycle to enjoy its scenic beauty at a leisurely pace. Yufuin is a perfect destination for a relaxing getaway, and its charming ambiance and natural splendor are sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors.