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Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace Imperial Palace of Japan: A Glimpse into Imperial Majesty The Imperial Palace of Japan, also known as the Tokyo Imperial Palace (Kōkyo), is a symbolic and historic landmark that serves as the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan. Located in the heart of Tokyo, this magnificent palace is surrounded by lush gardens …

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Asakusa/Ueno This neighborhood is a place where people can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of Japan. One of the famous landmarks is the gigantic lantern hanging from the Kaminarimon Gate. Many tourists visit this area. Asakusa is a popular and historically significant district in Tokyo, Japan. It is known for its traditional atmosphere, historic temples, and …

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Ginza A street for shopping lined with department stores and luxury brand stored from all over the world. Many first-class restaurants offering department stores and luxury brand stores from all over the world. Many first-class restaurant offering a selection of global cuisine can be found here. Ginza is one of the most upscale and luxurious …

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Shinjuku You’ll find an entertainment district to the east and a high-rise office block to the west of Shinjuku Station, the busiest in Japan. One popular spot is the Omide Yokocho Side Street, an alley filled with small, old-fashioned bars. Shinjuku is one of the major entertainment, business, and shopping districts in Tokyo, Japan. It …

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Shibuya The home of Japan’s youth culture. Look for shops selling kawaii(cute) items unique to Japan after experiencing the famous intersection with the diagonal crosswalk right outside Shibuya Station.Appenzell’s history and culture Shibuya is one of the most vibrant and famous neighborhoods in Tokyo, Japan. It is known for its bustling streets, trendy fashion boutiques, …

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