Lake Geneva Region

Lake Geneva region travel information


Gruyères Enjoy a day trip to the medieval car-free town of Gruyères. The town has a charm of its own thanks to its superb gastronomy and its modern show dairy as well as many cultural experiences. Visit the 13th Century Castle of Gruyeres which lies on a hill above the river Seane, which is now …

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Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle Located a few minutes’ drive from Montreux, the Chillon Castle is one of Switzerland’s most visited attractions. This 12th century castle houses many treasures from the town’s rich historical past. Guests can view the wall paintings from the 14th century, the subterranean vaults, parade halls and the bedrooms (which have been preserved in …

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Montreux Known as one of the “Pearls of the Swiss Riviera”, Montreux is also home to the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival and has been an inspiration for many musicians such as Freddie Mercury. It truly is an ode to music, foodand the good life! Montreux, nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, is …

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