Lake Zurich Circular Hiking Tour

Lake Zurich Circular Hiking Tour

The Lake Zurich trail in its ten sections shows the region at its best, passing historic villages, unspoilt shorelines, extensive woods and wild, gushing streams.

The Lake Zurich Circular Hiking Tour refers to a scenic hiking trail that encircles Lake Zurich, offering breathtaking views of the lake, surrounding landscapes, and the city of Zurich. It’s a popular outdoor activity that allows you to experience the natural beauty of the area while enjoying a leisurely hike. As of my last update in September 2021, here are some details about the Lake Zurich Circular Hiking Tour and how to reach there:

Lake Zurich Circular Hiking Tour Highlights:

  • Spectacular Views: The hiking trail offers spectacular panoramic views of Lake Zurich, the surrounding mountains, and the city skyline.

  • Varied Landscapes: The trail takes you through a variety of landscapes, including forests, meadows, charming villages, and lakeside paths.

  • Cultural Attractions: Along the route, you might come across cultural attractions, historic sites, and points of interest that add depth to the experience.

  • Recreational Opportunity: The hike is suitable for different fitness levels, and you can choose to do the entire circular route or just a portion of it, depending on your preferences.

How to Access the Lake Zurich Circular Hiking Tour:

  • Starting Point: The circular trail can be started from various points around Lake Zurich. Popular starting points include Zurich, Rapperswil, and other towns along the lakeside.

  • Public Transportation: Zurich’s well-connected public transportation system makes it easy to reach different points around Lake Zurich. You can take trains, buses, or boats to various towns along the lake and begin your hike from there.

  • Train: If you’re in Zurich, you can take a train to Rapperswil or another suitable starting point and commence the hike from there.

  • Local Advice: Once you decide on your starting point, you can ask locals or consult with your accommodation for the best route to reach that specific area.