Monastery & Abbey, Einsiedeln

Monastery & Abbey, Einsiedeln

The magnificent Baroque construction of the monastery and the Lady Chapel (with Black Madonna) are the most popular attractions in Einsiedeln.

Einsiedeln Abbey (Kloster Einsiedeln) is a historic Benedictine monastery located in Einsiedeln, which is a town in the canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. Einsiedeln Abbey is not in Zurich itself but is located in the greater Zurich region. It is a significant religious and cultural site known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and religious importance. Here are some details about Einsiedeln Abbey and how to reach there:

Einsiedeln Abbey Highlights:

  • Spiritual Center: Einsiedeln Abbey is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Switzerland. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and attracts visitors seeking spiritual solace and religious experiences.

  • Baroque Architecture: The abbey is renowned for its magnificent baroque architecture, including the impressive abbey church. The interior is adorned with intricate details, artworks, and religious artifacts.

  • Black Madonna: One of the main attractions within the abbey is the “Black Madonna,” a statue of the Virgin Mary and Child. It holds great significance and is a focus of devotion.

  • Library and Museum: Einsiedeln Abbey also houses a valuable library with historical manuscripts and books. There’s a museum where visitors can learn about the abbey’s history and heritage.

How to Reach Einsiedeln Abbey:

  • Address: Kloster Einsiedeln, Klosterplatz 1, 8840 Einsiedeln, Switzerland. Use this address for navigation.

  • Public Transportation: To reach Einsiedeln from Zurich, you can take a train to the nearby town of Einsiedeln. The train journey takes around an hour. From the train station in Einsiedeln, the abbey is within walking distance.

  • Driving: If you prefer driving, you can rent a car and follow the road to Einsiedeln. The town is easily accessible by road.

  • Local Advice: Once you arrive in Einsiedeln, the abbey is a prominent landmark and can be easily found within the town.