Old Town of Bern

Old Town of Bern

Bern’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In between the picturesque rooftops and  fountains, as well as the iconic Parliament House, Zytglogge Clock Tower and Bern Cathedral. The 6 km long arcades also provide visitors with the longest weathersheltered shopping promenade in Europe.

The Old Town of Bern (Altstadt von Bern) is a picturesque and historic district in the capital city of Switzerland. With its well-preserved medieval architecture, charming cobblestone streets, and cultural attractions, it’s a must-visit destination. Here are some special points about the Old Town of Bern and how to reach there:

  1. UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Old Town of Bern is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding medieval architecture and urban planning that has remained remarkably intact over the centuries.

  2. Zytglogge: The Zytglogge clock tower is a symbol of Bern and a notable landmark in the Old Town. Its intricate astronomical clock and animated figures captivate visitors.

  3. Einstein’s Time in Bern: The Old Town is where Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity while working as a patent clerk. A plaque marks the site of his former residence.

  4. Fountains and Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen: The Old Town is adorned with a series of historic fountains, with the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice) being one of the most famous.

  5. Cultural Institutions: The Old Town is home to various museums, galleries, theaters, and cultural venues that showcase Bern’s artistic and historical heritage.

How to Reach the Old Town of Bern:

By Train: Bern’s main train station (Bern Hauptbahnhof) is conveniently located near the Old Town. You can easily walk from the train station to the Old Town’s historic center.

By Tram and Bus: Bern’s efficient tram and bus network connects various parts of the city, including the Old Town. Tram lines 6, 7, and 9, as well as several bus lines, serve the area.

By Foot: If you’re already in Bern, the Old Town is best explored on foot. The compact layout makes it easy to navigate and discover its charming corners.

By Car: While the Old Town is pedestrian-friendly and not accessible by car, you can park your vehicle in nearby parking garages and then explore on foot.

By Air: If you’re arriving from abroad, Bern Airport is the nearest airport. From there, you can take public transportation or a taxi to reach the Old Town.

Bern’s Old Town offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and architecture. Whether you’re wandering through its narrow streets, exploring museums, or simply enjoying the ambiance of centuries-old buildings, the Old Town of Bern is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.