The Kambly Experience

The Kambly Experience

The scenic village of Trubschachen, 47 minutes from Bern by train, houses the famous Kambly Biscuit factory. Here, visitors can learn about its history and biscuit-making process, as well as sample delicious treats, take part in biscuit-making workshops and buy biscuits at a discounted price

The Kambly Experience is a unique attraction in Trubschachen, Switzerland, where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Swiss biscuit making. It’s a place that celebrates the art of crafting high-quality, delicious biscuits. Here are some special points about The Kambly Experience and how to reach there:

  1. Biscuit Discovery: The Kambly Experience offers an interactive journey through the history of the Kambly brand and the craftsmanship behind their biscuits. You’ll learn about the ingredients, recipes, and the passion that goes into each biscuit.

  2. Tasting and Sampling: One of the highlights of The Kambly Experience is the opportunity to taste a wide variety of freshly baked biscuits. From traditional Swiss flavors to innovative creations, it’s a treat for your taste buds.

  3. Baking Workshops: The experience often includes hands-on baking workshops where you can create your own biscuits under the guidance of experts. It’s a fun and educational activity for visitors of all ages.

  4. Boutique and Souvenirs: The on-site boutique allows you to purchase Kambly products and souvenirs to take home, making it a perfect place to find gifts for yourself or loved ones.

How to Reach The Kambly Experience:

By Train: Trubschachen is accessible by train from major Swiss cities. The Trubschachen train station is within walking distance of The Kambly Experience.

By Car: If you’re driving, you can reach Trubschachen by car. The attraction has parking facilities available.

By Public Transportation: Switzerland’s public transportation network includes trains and buses that can take you to Trubschachen. From the Trubschachen train station, it’s a short walk to The Kambly Experience.

By Air: If you’re arriving from abroad, the nearest major airport is Zurich Airport. From there, you can take a train to Trubschachen.

Visiting The Kambly Experience is a delightful way to learn about the art of biscuit making, indulge in delectable treats, and enjoy a hands-on baking experience. It’s a perfect blend of education and enjoyment, giving you insight into Swiss culinary traditions.