The Capital of Switzerland

Switzerland’s capital Bern is centrally located, and is also the seat of Parliament. Framed by the Aare River and overlooked by the Bern Cathedral, this historic city is a gateway into the Alps. Amidst its narrow streets, sandstone facades and beautiful towers, are many boutiques, bars, cabaret stages, markets and cafes that attract locals as well as tourists.


Old Town of Bern


Bern’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In between the picturesque rooftops and limestone buildings lie beautifully sculpted fountains, as well as the iconic Parliament House, Zytglogge Clock Tower and Bern Cathedral. The 6 km long arcades also provide visitors with the longest weather sheltered shopping promenade in Europe.

The Kambly Experience

The scenic village of Trubschachen, 47 minutes from Bern by train, houses the famous Kambly Biscuit factory. Here, visitors can learn about its history and biscuit-making process, as well as sample delicious treats, take part in biscuit-making workshops and buy biscuits at a discounted price.

Bern Bear Park

This 6000 sq. m. park along the Aare river is home to Bern’s most famous residents, a family of bears! It gives visitors an opportunity to observe the bears frolicking playfully and enjoying their day.

Rose Garden

Bern’s Rose Garden is home to over 200 species of roses. It is a paradise for flower enthusiasts and provides stunning views of the Old Town and the Aare River along with the beautiful bridges across it.

The Bern Historical Museum – Einstein Museum

One of Switzerland’s most important historical and cultural museums, the Bern Historical Museum houses a collection of over 500,000 objects, as well as the Einstein Museum. The integrated Einstein Museum is a powerful audio-visual presentation into the life and work of Albert Einstein.

Insider Tips

Located near Bern’s Bear Park, this restaurant has integrated the famous Tram Beer brewery into it. Here, visitors can enjoy a freshly brewed beer along with fantastic views of Old Town and the Aare River

In Autumn, the Swiss Parliament Building turns into a giant screen for a spectacular sound and light program which visitors can view for free at 7 pm or 8:30 pm.

This famous clock tower is a popular attraction in Bern. Five minutes before each hour, visitors can examine and be captivated by the nearly 500 year old workings coming to life.

Old Town’s Kornhauskeller Restaurant is a former granary, now converted into a unique and trendy dining experience. Visitors get to sample local cuisine inside a splendidly decorated vaulted cellar full of beautiful frescos.

Emmental’s famous dairy enables visitors to watch cheese being made, as well as make their own! The inhouse restaurant with its panoramic
 , serves many local dishes and cheese specialities.